Announce this change is a revolution in finance poles, or an alternative for TFI?

Posted on 28 June 2015 to schooltrading01
28 June 2015 Taxation of capital gains to hit the TFI Government proposal to introduce a 20 percent tax on capital income dramatically worsen the already poor condition of the Investment Funds, consider the representatives of the capital market. On the other hand, however, this may cause a rise in share prices on the stock exchange. On Friday, the government adopted the project of the Ministry of Finance concerning amendments to the Income Tax Act from individuals. It involves a 20 percent taxation on interest from bank deposits and income from shares in equity funds. The Minister of Finance ensures that tax does not cover direct investment in shares, which had previously been considered. The proposal of the Ministry of Finance indicates that the stock-market investments are treated unequally. If investors will buy the shares themselves then avoid the tax, however, if the buy units in the fund equity, return on investment will be reduced by 20 percent. According to experts, if the law will come into force in the form proposed by the government, this will be the outflow of clients with investment fund companies. Representatives capital markets are worried that customers will withdraw funds funuszy, or simply will not make new ones. Therefore the introduction of new regulations may lead to an increase in individual investors' interest in the stock market because they will be one of the few forms of untaxed savings multiply. Besides this additional stimulus for investors to start investing in the stock market are cut interest rates. The market is the opinion expressed by the Monetary Policy Council (MPC) will continue to reduce interest rate. If the law is passed in the current form, according to the Ministry of Finance tax proposals will be valid from the day of announcing it in the Gazette. It will not be covered by investments or deposits concluded before that date. Parliament has until the end of November, to make changes and accept or reject the law. [Source: Reuters]

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